Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lilly's Sleep Journal

I have a 9 month old. A 9 month old that up until two nights ago has slept in my bed. I have loved every sweet, snuggling, warm bodied night of it. Heck if it was up to me I would not kick her out...ever. I love seeing her every time my eyes open. BUT alas...it is not just to my liking that I raise a child. It is up to me and Clayton and what is best for Lilly usually wins out.

We tried once before over spring break to put Lilly in her crib but I was not ready and neither was Lilly. It went from making Clayton sleep on her floor with a sleeping bag to me just grabbing her no matter what Clayton said.

Two nights ago Lilly was all over bed, she wouldn't go to sleep. She was talking and crawling everywhere. So we decided that Lilly needed to go to her bed if she wanted to play because we needed to sleep. So it was the moment of truth we knew it wasn't going to be easy but we too k the leap.

That first night she only cried a few minutes, less than 5 maybe even less than 3 and she stopped. She sat down and waited for us to come but when we did not she just laid her head over and went to sleep sitting up. It was cute but looking uncomfortable so we went in about 20 minutes later and put her down and covered her. She slept through the night and Clayton brought her to me at 7 when he went to work and she continued to sleep till about 8:30. It was wonderful.

I was on a "sleeping in her own crib" high and was gonna try a nap but it seemed doomed from minute one so I gave up almost immediately and she ended up not napping.

That evening we started the bedtime routine around 8:30 and gave her a bath, then read her a book and cuddled. Then at 9:00 she went into her crib. It took her 27 minutes of crying to finally fall asleep but she did and she slept through till 4:47 this morning and I just brought her to bed with me. The Clayton brought me a bottle at 6:30 and she slept again till 8:30.

Another success as far as we are concerned.

As I type she is in her crib for nap try number two. It so far is not going well. It has been 20 minutes of crying and it slows down then picks right back up. I don't know if naps are going to stay a part of what we are trying to complete. It might just be too much for all at once.

It breaks my heart to hear her so upset, but I know her falling asleep on her own and getting the right amount of sleep is going to be good for her.
Stay tuned for more on Lilly's sleep journal as I am sure it will be a bumpy ride.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday

Last night all of us kids went down to Glen Rose to visit and camp out with Nonnie and PawPaw. It was a blast!! We roasted weenies and marshmellows and got to spend time with the fam! I wish Cade, Hillary and Luke could've been there though. ): We'll see them soon enough! The little kids last night we're insane! They almost ripped the tent apart!


Kristen, Lilly and myself are sitting at DeeDaw's and Lilly is going crazy!! I looooove Lilly! (:

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I didn't clean.
Hey. Lilly is sleeping; Kristen is Showering. I am reading about beer brewing.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Post - Clayton

Hey. Lilly is sleeping; Kristen is coughing up a lung. I plan to clean, doubt it will happen.

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